Belgrade Nightlife (Winter Season)

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Belgrade Nightlife (Winter Season)

Belgrade Nightlife (Winter Season)

Looking for a good night out in Belgrade this winter?
Truth is, you are spoilt for choice.
To stop you getting lost in the sea of bars, clubs and venues in the capital, we have compiled a rundown of the 5 best Belgrade clubs and hotspots to visit this winter!
1. Brankow Club 
Located under the Branko's Bridge, after which it was named, Brankow club represents new party place for both, tourists and locals. The interior of the club is a mixture of Berlin, London and New York chic style. Completely different from the others, in short time this place become very popular among locals.
Music Type: House
Where: Crnogorska 12, 11000 Belgrade 
Working Time: from Thursday to Saturday 
Working Hours: 21h-04h
2. Freestyler Club - Winter Stage 
Another unmissable stop for parting in Belgrade is Freestyler Club. Being  so popular among locals and tourists in the summer period, Freestyler continues with a great parties during the winter season as well. If you are looking for a night full of energy, endless party and good vibe, Freestyler would be the right place for you!
Music Type: Electronic music
Where: Karadjordjeva 2-4, 11000 Belgrade 
Working Days: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday
Working Hours: 23.30h - 05h
3. Hype Belgrade 
Hype Belgrade represents without doubt, world class night club in Belgrade. It is located in the most popular nightlife area in the city - Savamala District. This is the club with the latest lighting and sound system and a place where you can listen popular electronic music. 
Music Type: House, Funky, Disco, Tech House, RnB
Where: Karadjordjeva 46, 11000 Belgrade 
Working Days: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 
Working Hours: 00 -05h
4. Drugstore Belgrade 
Drugstore is DIY cultural venue in Belgrade and the best techno club in the whole city. It was built out of scratch, investing nothing more than great energy and good will. From 2014, when it was reopened in a new space, Drugstore had the pleasure of hosting a great number of names from different corners of the international underground music scene, ranging from contemporary techno acts to indie bands.
Music Type: Techno 
Where: Bulevar Despota Stefana 115, 11000 Belgrade 
Working Time: Friday and Saturday 
5. The Bank Club 
The Bank Club is the first Premium RnB club in this part of Europe, located at the most exclusive place in Belgrade. If you are crazy about RnB music and parties, this would be the best choice for you!
Music Type: RnB
Where: Karadjordjeva 2-4, 11000 Belgrade
Working Days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Working Hours: 23:50 - 04h

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