City of Nis

Birthplace of Constantine the Great

City of Nis

City of Nis

Located in the south part of the country (240 km from Belgrade), City of Nis is third largest city in Serbia with around 250.000 residents. Due to the fact that after Belgrade and Novi Sad, Nis is the most visited tourist destination in Serbia, we decided to make a list of the attractions that you MUST SEE during your visit to this amazing city:

Nis Fortress is located at the right bank of the Nisava River. Being built and demolished for several times, the fortress received its final appearance in XVIII century during the Ottoman Empire. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful and best preserved fortresses in Eastern Europe with remains dating back to ancient roman time. The main attraction inside the Fort that you shouldn't miss are: Stambol Gate (XVIII century),Turkish Hamam (XV century), Roman Thermae (IV century), Bali Bey Mosque (XVI century), Lapidarium (I-IIII century), Palace with an octagon (IV century), Gunpowder Magazines (XVIII century), etc. Famous Nis Jazz Festival is organized on the fortress every year during the summer period.


Skull Tower is without doubt No.1 attraction in Nis, visited by more than 30.000 tourists every year. It represents unique attraction in the world and one of the most morbid attractions within Balkans. The tower is 3m high and it was originally made of 952 human skulls (58 skulls remain until today). This horrific monument was built after the battle for liberation of Nis in 1809 as a warning to anyone rising against the Ottoman Empire.


Red Cross Concentration Camp is one of few Nazi Concentration Camps in Europe, named after Red Cross train station located in the vicinity. Jews, Roma, Serbs, women and children were imprisoned here during the Second World War. It is believed that more than 10.000 people were moved from Red Cross Concentration Park to Bubanj Hill in order to be executed. The building which served as detention facility for prisoners is open for visitors.


Bubanj Memorial Park is located on Hill Bubanj, 3km away from the city center. It was a place of mass executions of the prisoners from the Red Cross Concentration Camp during the World War II. The main attraction is the Monument Three Fists, which symbolizes the resistance and keeps the memory on the terror and human suffering.


Mediana Archeological Site is one of the most important archeological sites in the whole Serbia, located 5km from the main city center in Nis. Built between III and IV century (A.D.) by the order of Constantine the Great, it served as the residential palace for Emperor Constantin and his family during their visits to Naissus. Visitors have the great opportunity to admire the ruins of a villa that once had beautiful mosaic floors and heated bath complex (thermae).

Holy Trinity Cathedral (Orthodox Cathedral), located nearby main city square, is the second biggest orthodox church in Serbia (after Saint Sava Temple in Belgrade). It was completely restored in 2010. after being destroyed in a fire in 2001.

Archeological Hall of National Museum in Nis is preserving valuable exhibits that testify the early history of the city: prehistoric and ancient roman period. Nis is one of few cities in Europe that can be proud of 3 imperial portraits from IV-VI century (A.D.): the life-size statue of Emperor Constantine the Great, the head of Roman tetrarch and the head of Byzantine empress Euphemia (Justinian's wife).

"Kazandzijsko Sokace" or "Tinkers Alley" is a cobbled street located in the old town of the city. Once a craftsmen alley, today this street is favorite tourist area and the best location for feeling the local atmosphere. Full of bars and traditional restaurants it's also the right place for trying local delicacies. The Monument of Stevan Sremac (Serbian writer) and his friend Kalca (character from his novel "Ivko's Feast), located at the entrance of Kazandzijsko sokace quarter, is No.1 photo spot for visitors.


"Old Nis" is the old part of the city with numerous attractions such as: King Milan Square with The Monument to the Liberators, Cair's Fountain - the most beautiful and best preserved drinking fountain in the city, The City Hall built in 1925, Officers Club, Main Post Office, Stambolija House, Banovina Building - the most beautiful building in Nis and former seat of the Government Memorial of the Constantine, etc...

Cegar Monument is located in the vicinity of Nis (8km), at the location of the famous First Serbian Uprising battle against the Ottoman Empire, Cegar Hill. Tower-shaped monument is symbolizing a military fortification, while the bronze bust of Stevan Sindjelic (placed in the tower) symbolizes the heroism of Stevan Sindjelic and evokes the memory of the fearless fight for freedom.


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