Hello Serbia! Best Day Trips from Belgrade (season 2019)

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Hello Serbia! Best Day Trips from Belgrade (season 2019)

Hello Serbia! Best Day Trips from Belgrade (season 2019)

Experience the best of Serbia with a day trips from Belgrade. On these great Belgrade Day Trips, you'll discover small towns, medieval fortresses, ancient roman remains, intact nature, vivid landscapes, national parks, etc.

Take a glance at the most recommended day trips from Belgrade for the following season:

1. Based on the previous season (best-selling product), Blue Danube Tour is without any doubt No. 1 tour to take from Belgrade. On this extraordinary trip you will have the amazing opportunity to visit main attractions of Djerdap National Park and to take a speed boat tour on the most beautiful part of the legendary Danube River. 

Distance from Belgrade: approx. 130km to first stop - Golubac Fortress (less than 2h drive from Belgrade) 

Tour Duration: 12h

Places or attractions to see: Golubac Fortress, Lepenski Vir - archeological site, Boljetinska River Canyon, Mali Kazan (the narrowest part of the Danube River), Trajan's Plaque, Stone Statue of Decebal Rex, Mrakonija Monastery, Pena and Varnica Balloon Stations. 

2. Tara National Park & the Drina River Valley Tour is a must tour for real nature seekers. On this spectacular trip, you'll drive through awe-inspiring west Serbia and visit unbelievable Banjska Rock Viewpoint, overlooking the Drina River Canyon and Perucac Lake.

Distance from Belgrade: 140km to the first stop "Gate of Podrinje" (3h drive from Belgrade)

Tour Duration: 12h

Places or attractions to see: House on the rock in Bajina Basta, Raca Monastery, the shortest river in Europe called Vrelo, heart of Tara National Park, Banjska Rock Viewpoint. 

3. Novi Sad & Wine Tasting Tour is ideal daytrip for travelers who are not into long drives and for the one who find city sightseeing more attractive than wanders of nature. On this wonderful tour you will have the great opportunity to visit the second largest city in Serbia and to try some of the best Serbian wines.

Distance from Belgrade: approx. 80km to the first stop Fruska Gora Mount and Krusedol Monastery (less than 1h drive from Belgrade)

Tour Duration: 8-9h

Places or attractions to see: Fruska Gora Mount, Krusedol Monastery, city of Sremski Karlovci, local Wine cellar, Petrovaradin Fortress, city of Novi Sad.   

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