3 Top-rated day excursions from Belgrade

Tours you MUST take if you are staying in Belgrade for more than 3 days

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3 Top-rated day excursions from Belgrade

3 Top-rated day excursions from Belgrade

Staying in Belgrade for more than 3 days? Make sure that you book your place on one or two day trips, because sometimes is nice to get out of the city for a day, to escape hustle and bustle and get in touch with nature and local people.

Plenty of excellent destinations are only a short drive away, including awe-inspiring natural reserves, medieval fortresses, archeological sites, remains of the old roman cities, etc.

These are 3 top rated day trips from Belgrade that we recommend you to take:

1. Day tour to Northern part of Serbia, called Vojvodina, with a visit to Fruska Gora Mountain, Novi Sad and Sremski Karlovci - Novi Sad with Wine Tasting Tour

The tour usually starts from your accommodation in Belgrade, at agreed time in the morning. 1-hour drive will take you to Fruska Gora Mountain called Serbian Holly Mountain, which will be your first stop. Almost 100 million years ago Fruska Gora was an island in Pannonian Sea and in 1960 it was named Serbia's first national park. The main reason why it is called Holly Mountain is the fact that there are 16 active monasteries located on the slopes of Fruska Gora. During the tour you usually visit one of them. Monastery Krusedol is the most popular one, built in 16th century. However, there is always possibility to include at least one more in itinerary, if that fits your needs. Our recommendation for second one, would be a visit to monastery called Velika Remeta, located nerby in beautiful surroundings.

Afterwards the tour proceeds to Sremski Karlovci, small city located at the foot of Fruska Gora and on the right bank of the Danube river. Here you visit local wine cellar first, in order to taste special wines from this region. Wine called "Bermet" is a trademark of Sremski Karlovci and people who produce it are proud of the fact that this wine was on the wine list on "Titanic." When you finish your wine tasting, tour continues to the main city center of Sremski Karlovci, where you will see the most charming square in Serbia.

Petrovaradin Fortress is next on your route. Called "Gibraltar on the Danube" due to its location and size, it is number one attraction in the city of Novi Sad. When your exploration of this amazing fortress is finished, you move to the main city center of Novi Sad where, you will have free time for traditional lunch, shopping and wandering around the city by yourself.

Petrovaradin Fortress

2. Day tour to East Part of Serbia where legendary blue Danube is the most beautiful - Blue Danube Tour

Pleasant 1.5-hour drive from Belgrade will take you to your first stop, Golubac Fortress, located at the entrance of the Djerdap Gorge where the Danube is the widest and nature is the greenest. It was built at the beginning of the 13th century as a border stronghold of strategic importance. Hat Tower, formerly used as a pier of the Fortress, nowadays is the main symbol and trademark of Golubac.

After exploring the Fort, you will start your cruising part of the tour, that will last about one hour. While sailing along the Danube, you will see remains dating back to Romans, such as Roman Emperor Trajan's Plaque, stone statue of the last king of Dacia called Decabelus, remains of Trajan's Bridge, etc. Cruising finishes at the same place where you started, and than you are heading to "Kapetan Misa's Hill" - eco-ethno complex with an open air gallery offering the best view over the Danube and surrounding area. A break for lunch will be made in this unique location in traditional restaurant with the opportunity to taste local specialties.

Last stop on this tour will be one of the oldest urban settlements in the world, 8000 years old archeological site called "Lepenski Vir."

Golubac Fort

3. Tour to Serbia's most spectacular natural site - Uvac Tour

Because of the fact that this is not a short-drive destination, the one-day tour to Uvac usually starts at 6.a.m. (there is a possibility to do this tour as a two day trip with a visit to one of the mountains in Western part of Serbia.)

After 4 hours of driving (exhausting but definitely worth it), your visit to Uvac Canyon will finally start. It will last between 4-5h and include sailing and hiking (comfortable shoes are more than recommended). First you sail through meanders for about 12km. The main attraction of the Reserve is the habitat of Griffon vultures, relatively rare species of bird of prey whose population in Uvac Reserve is the biggest in Europe, which you will observe from boat. 

The Uvac Cave system is the biggest cave system in the whole Serbia, comprised of two caves: Usacka (6km long) and Ledena or Ice Cave (2.5km). The access to the Ice Cave is possible only by boat. You'll reach it and take 700m long stroll to check out the richness of cave jewlery. 

Afterwards you will start your hiking part of the tour in order to reach observation platform that offers awe-inspiring view over Uvac meanders. You finish Uvac explore at the same place where you started. 

Uvac natural site

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