Tara National Park

Awe-inspiring viewpoints, cultural heritage, rich flora and fauna and intact nature are only few among many reasons why you should add Tara National Park to your Serbia bucket list!

Tara National Park

Tara National Park

Tara National Park, located in far west part of Serbia, between Bajina Basta and Uzice, represents one of 5 Serbian National Parks. It covers the area of more than 19.200 hectares of protected land, while more than 75% of the total area of National Park is covered with forest. Thanks to its picturesque landscapes, breathtaking viewpoints, pristine nature, it's considered to be one of the most beautiful Serbian mountains. More than 1000 plant species, including Serbian Spurce, 140 bird species, 28 species of fish, etc; found their home in the area of this amazing mountain. Furthermore, the largest population of brown bear in Serbia is also situated on Tara Mount, which means that the area of national park offers the great opportunity for bear watching. Besides this unusual activity, National Park Tara is ideal for other outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, rafting, trekking, riding bicycles (more than 20 arranged bicycle paths).

List of the attractions that you MUST SEE during your visit to Tara National Park:

  • Banjska Rock Viewpoint - the most beautiful viewpoint in the whole Serbia, offering splendid panoramic view over the Drina River Canyon. 2h walk (10km in both directions) will take you to this amazing place from tourist information centre in Mitrovac. Other option, is to go by car to certain point and then to take 1km long stroll in order to reach Banjska Rock Viewpoint.
  • Bajina Basta - small town located on the foothill of Tara Mountain with its world famous attraction "Little house on the Drina River." The image of this unusual attraction was posted on the cover of National Geographic magazine. Besides seeing this unique landmark, we suggest you to check out BB Klekovaca Distillery, one of the oldest in Serbia, in order to try traditional Serbian drink - Rakia. During your rakia tasting, you will have the great opportunity to learn and see how serbian rakia is produced.
  • Perucac Lake - an artificial lake, created after the construction of the dam on the river Drina, situated in the heart of Tara National Park. It represents ideal destination for relaxation in pristine nature.
  • Vrelo River -  located nearby Perucac Lake and Bajina Basta, is the shortest river in the whole Europe, only 365m long. Due to that fact, it received its second name "Godina" or "Year" - long as one year.
  • Mramorje Archeological Site - located 12km from Bajina Basta, it represents medieval necropolis with tomb stones, dating back to 14th and 15th century. Due to its historical and cultural value, Mramorje is protected as a cultural monument of exceptional importance by the government of Republic of Serbia, together with monastery Raca.
  • Mokra Gora with Sargan 8 - a narrow gauge railway, which represents a real masterpiece among the similar railways. Here you may have a railroad ride you've always dreamed about. Authentic car with wooden seats will take you back to 1925 when this railroad was connecting Belgrade with Adriatic Sea.
  • Drvengrad or Wooden Town, is unusual tourist destination, developed by famous Serbian movie director, Emir Kusturica, for his movie entitled "Life is Miracle." All the objects including hotel, shops, church, cinema, restaurants, etc. are made of natural material, mostly from wood. Wooden Town had the honour to welcome Johnny Depp, Monica Belluci and other movies celebrities, thanks to the fact that famous movie festival called "Kustendorf" is organized here, every year.
  • Raca Monastery - located less than 10km from Bajina Basta, is the endowment of Serbian King Dragutin, built in 13th century. Today's church, dedicated to the Ascension of Jesus Christ, was built in 19th century. Nearby the monastery, Raca River Canyon and Ladjevac Spring (with natural, healthy water) are located. You may reach this two locations by car, or by foot if you take hiking path which connects the monastery with Raca River Canyon.
  • Lake Zaovine - located near the village Zaovine, is hiding some of the most scenic views that you will find across Serbia and the Balkans. Without doubt, this is the best place in the area for kayaking and swimming.
  • Tepih Livada or "Carpet Meadow" is a part of Natural Reserve called "Crveni Potok" or "Red Creek" located in Mitrovac. It was named after the natural phenomenon (meadow breathes under your feet giving you a sensation of walking barefoot on the soft carpet).

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