Top 10 Belgrade Attractions

A list of landmarks you must-see during your stay in Belgrade!

Top 10 Belgrade Attractions

Top 10 Belgrade Attractions

"Belgrade does not like to have its picture taken. It does not feel like posing for picures. It does not photograph well and always looks like some other place.

It is not Paris, which likes to cuddle with painters. Nor London, which ingratiates itself with photographers. Nor Rome, bedecked with souvenirs. Nor Vienna, perfect for engraving on an ashtray. Nor Moscow, which looks nice when put into a glass globe with snowflakes. Nor Berlin - the bear, which can be turned into a key ring. Nor Budapest, which likes to lie lazily at the bottom of bowls of hot fish stew. Nor Istanbul, with its golden teeth. Nor Athens, a stone paperweight for old manuscripts.

There are few things in it that I have not already seen elsewhere...Maybe only three: its rivers, its sky and its people. Out of these three primeval elements, the unique spirit of Belgrade is born"    

Momo Kapor - Serbian Writer

As a true Belgrade experts and lovers, we recommend you following Top 10 Attractions in Belgrade, that you MUST visit during your stay in capital city of Serbia:

1. Kalemegdan Park - Belgrade Fortress

Every discovery of Belgrade, should definitely start with Belgrade attraction no. 1 named Kalemegdan Park or Belgrade Fortress. Once a city within a city, nowadays Kalemegdan represents the biggest and the most beautiful park in the city itself offering splendid panoramic view over the confluence of two rivers, New Belgrade and Zemun (Belgrade municipalities). Fortress itself is divided into Upper and Lower City with numerous attractions to visit: from Victor Monument - the main symbol of the city, Military Museum, Nebojsa Tower, Saint Petka's Church to underground tunnels such as Roman Well and Military bunker.

2. Saint Sava Temple

Saint Sava Temple or "White church" how tourists like to call it, is the second largest Orthodox Temple in the Wolrd and one of the city's main landmarks. The construciton of the temple has started in 1935; and due to the fact that it's not finished yet, Serbians know to call it Serbian Sagrada Familia. Exterior was made from white marble in 2004. when major work was done on this part of the church, while the works on interior still go on. Crypt and the main dome were finished recently and opened to visitors. The temple is 84m high together with the golden cross on the main dome.

3. Knez Mihailo Street

As every major European city, Belgrade as well has its own main pedestrian and shopping street zone called Knez Mihailo Street. It is protected by the law as one of the oldest and most valuable monumental complexes of the city. This lively street is crowded with people from early morning to late evening hours and it's home to many cultural institutions, galleries, as well as to famous modern stores. A real heaven for art and shopping lovers.

4. Terazije Square & Hotel "Moskva"

Located in the main city center, Terazije Square represents the most charming square in Belgrade with its main symbols Hotel "Moskva" and Terazije Fountain. Hotel "Moskva" is one of the oldest and traditional hotels in Belgrade built at the beggining of 20th century. Robert de Niro, Albert Einstein, Indira Gandhi, Luciano Pavarotti, Maxim Gorky and Alfred Hitchcock are famous guests who left their permanent mark here, since six suites are named after them (as appreciation for staying in hotel Moscow).

5. Republic Square

Republic Square is Belgrade's central square and the main meeting (gathering) point for both locals and tourists. It is surrounded with important landmarks such as National Museum, National Theatre and the monument dedicated to Prince Mihail Obrenovic, one of the greatest Serbian rulers.

6. Skadarlija Street

Skadarska Street is a small, cobbled street which represents the main bohemian quarter in the city. If you are trying to find the perfect place for tasting traditional food, hearing traditional music and feeling local atmosphere than a VISIT to this street is a MUST for you. Here you will find a lot of old, local restaurants offering only Serbian specialties. *tips for what to eat in Serbia, find in our blog: When in Serbia, eat and drink like Serbians do!

7. Nikola Pasic Square

Nikola Pasic Square is the youngest square in Belgrade, surrounded with important government buildings such as: National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, built at the beggining of 20th century to serve as the National Parliament of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia; Old Palace, former residence of King Milan Obrenovic, built at the end of the 19th century, nowadays the office of the Mayor of Belgrade; New Palace, former residence of Karadjordjevic Royal Family that nowadys serves as the office of the President of the Republic of Serbia.

8. Tasmajdan Park with Saint Marco's Church

Tasmajdan Park is the second largest park in downtown Belgrade, located nearby National Assembly of Serbia. Its main attraction is Saint Marco's Church built between the two world wars, to look after King Milutin's endowment monastery Gracanica, located in Kosovo. The sarcophagus with the remains of the greatest Serbian Emperor Stefan Dusan the Mighty is kept inside the church.

9. Museum of Yugoslavia and Nikola Tesla Museum

Museum of Yugoslavia and Nikola Tesla Museum are two most visited museums in Belgrade.

Museum of Yugoslavia is located in the neighborhood called Dedinje. It has invaluable collection of more than 75.000 artefacts representing the fascinating, tumultuous history of Yugoslavia. Memorial complex is divided into three parts: Museum May 25th - the first purpose-designed and built museum in Belgrade, given to Josip Broz Tito as a birthday gift from the City of Belgrade; The House of Flowers - resting place of former Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito and his wife Jovanka Broz; and the Old Museum - with the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Yugoslavia.

Nikola Tesla Museum is located in Krunska Street, nearby Slavija Square in Belgrade. It was opened to the public on October 20, 1955. as the first technical museum in Yugoslavia, as well as the only museum preserving the original and personal legacy of one of the greatest scientist of all time. The permanent exhibition is interactive so you will have the great opportunity to play with wireless electricity for a while.

10. Zemun

Anyone hoping to experience the beautiful city of Belgrade in a different way MUST visit the most charmnig neighborhood of Belgrade called Zemun, located on the right bank of the Danube river. Our recommendation on what to do and see in Zemun, find in our blog: Top reasons why you should add Zemun to your Belgrade bucket list!

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