What to See and Where to Eat in Novi Sad

Be prepared for your visit to Novi Sad - "Serbian Athens"

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What to See and Where to Eat in Novi Sad

What to See and Where to Eat in Novi Sad

Located 60 miles from Belgrade, Novi Sad is Serbia's second largest city and the capital of the Northern Serbian Province called "Vojvodina." No visit to Serbia is full, without at least a day trip to Novi Sad, well-known for its beautiful buildings, great food and laid-back atmosphere!

Brief history of the city:

Accordnig to the archeological documents the city of Novi Sad was inhabited from the older Neolithic period to the end of the Middle Ages. However, early history of Novi Sad and surrounding area and settlements, is still not so clear to historians. The modern one, starts from 1687 when Austria expelled Ottomans from Backa and Srem and became a ruler of the lands, allowing Serbians to live here and spread their orthodox religion, due to the fact that Serbians fought on the side of Christian Army. During that period Austrians started development of Petrovaradin Trench - the main commercial, military and cultural center of the Serbians in this region. On February 1, 1748. it gain the status of a free royal city, named Neoplanta in Latin, or Novi Sad in Serbian language. At the beggining of the 19th century Novi Sad has grown into the most beautiful town on the lower Danube. The most tragic event in the history of the city happened on July 12, 1849 during European Revolution, when Autrian Army had opened cannon fire on the Petrovaradin Fort. Austrian Army was using more than 200 cannons and destroyed more than 70% of the city. Due to that fact, the majority of the buildings in Novi Sad are no more than 150 years old. Unfortunately, the City suffered also during the Wolrd Wars and the bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia by NATO in 1999; when all three bridges across the Danube were demolished. Despite, tragic events Novi Sad today represents a modern city, European Capital of Culture for 2021 and it also hosts one of the world's most famous festivals called "EXIT."

What to See in Novi Sad:

  • Petrovaradin Fortress or "Gibraltar on the Danube" is number one attraction in the city of Novi Sad. It represents one of the best preserved artillery bastions in Europe with more than 16km of underground ways and tunnels. Famous festival "Exit" is organized on the Fortress every summer, welcoming world's famous bands and more than 150.000 visitros from all around world. However, the main symbol of the Fortress is Clock Tower, also known as "Drunk Clock" due to the fact that long hand shows hours and small one, minutes. What's more interesting is the fact that Clock runs ahead during nice and warm weather while during winter it runs behind. 
  • Church of the Name of Mary or simlpy called "Cathedral" is the largest Roman Catholic church in Novi Sad, located on the Liberty Square. It was built at the end of the 19th century in Neo-Gothic style by Hungarian architect Georg Molnar and it represents one of the main symbols of Novi Sad.
  • Liberty Square and City Hall
    Liberty Square, represents the main city square, surrounded wth beautiful buildings such as City Hall (Magistrate), hotel Vojvodina, Vojvodjanska bank building and Cathedral. In the center of the square is Svetozar Miletic Monument, famous Serbian politician and former mayor of Novi Sad. At the end of 19th century, besides Cathedral, Georg Molnar constructed also monumental Neo Renaissance building of City Hall or Magistrate in Novi Sad. On the top of the tower, used to be a bell serving as a fire alarm, which citizens of Novi Sad called "Matilda." In wartime, the bell was remelted, but it has not been fotgotten.
  • Novi Sad Synagoge represents cultural and historical monument of great importance, located in Jevrejska Street. It was built at the beggining of 20th century by Lipot Baumhorn, architect from Budapest, who is best known for his synagogues in Zrenjanin, Novi Sad, Szeged, Budapest and Rijeka.
  • Zmaj Jovina and Dunavska Street are two main pedestrian and shopping street zones in the city of Novi Sad. Zmaj Jovina starts from the Bishop's Palace and extends all the way to the Libery Square, while Dunavska Street, represents one of the oldest streets in the city with many important buildings such as: City Library, House "Kod Belog Lava" -one of the oldest houses in the city and one of the few, not devastated during Riot in 1849, Museum of Vojvodina, Museum of Contemporary Art, etc.
  • Bishop's Palace, located at the crossroads of Zmaj Jovina and Dunavska street, was built at the beggining of 20th century in electic style by Serbian architect Vladimir Nikolic. It represents one of the most beautiful buildings in Novi Sad.
  • Serbian National Theatre represents the first professional theater among Serbs, constructed in 1861.
  • Danube Park, located at the end of Dunavska Street is the pretiest and most popular public park in Novi Sad.
  • Strand Beach - the most beautiful and popular city beach on the Danube, 700m long. Main gathering place for citizens of Novi Sad during warm summers, equipped with all infrastructure necessary for a pleasant stay of all visitors.
  • City Museum and Museum of Vojvodina - Since Novi Sad was named 2021 European Capital of Culture, entering at least one museum or cultural institution is a must during your visit to this amazing Serbian city. Museum of Vojvodina is located in Dunavska Street in the main city center. It keeps and presents the traces of material and spiritual culture from the teritory of Vojvodina, starting from Paleolithic Age to the 20th century. City Museum is devoted to the development of the city from its foundation to the present period. It consists of several departments located in different places inside and outside the city of Novi Sad. The main building is situated on Petrovaradin Fortress with exhibition dedicated to the history of Fortress.

Where to Eat in Novi Sad:

  • Lazin Salas - The best traditional restaurant with wide range of local meals and dishes, located in Laze Teleckog Street nearby Cathedral.
  • Toster Bar - A real heaven for people who love great burgers and local craft beers, located in Zmaj Jovina Street.
  • Fish & Zelenish - Great place for people who adore fish and greens, located in Skerliceva Street, nearby Bishop's Palace.
  • Index House Fast Food - If your visit to Novi Sad is short and you do not have enough time for a meal in one of local restaurants, do not hesitate to try famous Index Sandwiches, trademark of Novi Sad and Index House Fast Food, located in Mihajlo Pupin Boulevard in Novi Sad.

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